Lead Exponentially

Lead Exponentially

Lead Exponentially

prepare for the future!

Trápí vás, že...

  • Are your earnings and margins under pressure?
  • Is your business model running out of breath?
  • Do you bore millenialls?
  • Is your client data used well?
  • Is your online presence attractive?
  • New competitors getting stronger?

We will help you turn digital age threats into your competitive advantage.

Strategic Advisory

We will help you:
  • Create an exponential business strategy
  • Find a dynamic business model
  • Bring in new business opportunities
  • Turn data into gold
  • Attract generations Y and Z
  • Get rid of redundant cost

Transformation Projects

We will provide a team of professionals tailored to you.
  • We collaborate with the best people on the market. Not consultants, real experts.
  • We will bring you transformative and executive experience
  • We will connect you with the most agile and innovative companies with custom solutions.

Innovative workshop

Innovate! Or...
  • We will teach you how to pretotype and prototype, how to generate ideas, how to recognize the best ones and how to get rid of the bad ones.
  • We will teach you how to utilize Design Thinking techniques.
  • We will offer our skills and experience with Kaizen and BPM techniques and show you the importance of human centric design.
  • All of this tailored to your team.

Leadership and Culture

Culture eats strategy for breakfast. Even good strategies are eventually dragged down by archaic business culture and rotting leadership.
  • We provide deep business culture and leadership analysis.
  • Then we follow up with tailored transformational workshops and individual development programs.
  • We will find an optimally motivating work environment with an innovative culture.


I need to move forward and surpass current leaders. I want to be the one who sets the trend. 6D gave me the courage to take risks and pointed me in the right direction.

Viera Černá

6D is for anybody who wants to be relevant in today's world, regardless of where you work and what your position is. What I’ ve gained from 6D is several brilliant ideas for my business and numerous questions which I had never considered before.

Pavel Řehák
Chairman Of The Board
at Direct finance Europe, a.s.

The way big corporations operate is very rigid and outdated. They need to think more outside the box. The 6D experience is, indeed, outside the box.

Michal Fabián
Landmark Holding

It’s not only important for businesses that could be disrupted very soon but also for public administration and regulators, maybe more so.

Milan Vašina
ex-CEO T-Mobile
Czech Republic a Slovak Telekom

Every company should do this at least once a year. It will open your eyes. I am always looking for inspiration and I’ ve never been to such a beneficial workshop before.

Zdeněk Bažant


Courses and Workshops