6D Academy

Courses and Workshops

Seminar. 6D World

Get a deep understanding of the digital revolution and learn how to take advantage of it.
At our day-long seminar, we will present trends of the digital revolution and all its opportunities and threats. Together, we will go through all phenomena of the digital era. From robotization, Robotic process automation, Internet of Things, smart systems, Blockchain, virtual and augmented reality to 3D manufacturing technologies.

We will look into the most significant examples of digital transformation examples. You will see the impact the Internet has on marketing and brand management.

Workshop. The Company in the digital revolution, the digital revolution inside the company

How to transform a company so it succeeds in the digital era.
At the daylong interactive workshop, we will teach you techniques increasing creativity and innovation in your team. We will go through series of questions, which must be answered if you and your company want to succeed in the digital era. We will help you find answers which will start the transformation process in your company the very next day.