Pavel Kysilka


“In the past 25 years, Czech companies have performed very well globally.

The clever ones have already realized that the next 25 years won't be very abundant without deep transformation, crucial for the digital age.

The best ones are already doing it.”

Petr Beneš


“We are living in such a fascinating age. The physical world converges with the virtual one. We trade out privacy for comfort. The digital revolution transforms businesses and our lives, values and habits, too. I love helping companies and individuals prepare for coming technological and societal changes.”

What does 6D mean?

6D = 6 dimensions of the 21st Century


We moved our communication, informations, education, music, photos, payments and entertainment onto the Internet and screens. The digital revolution is the same civilizational shift as the industrial revolution was to the agricultural revolution.


The digital world has freed us from material weight: tons of books, films, CDs, cash, papers, queues… Now, we can have everything anytime, anywhere.


We no longer pay for information, entertainment, education, smart applications, etc. If we considered the dollar amount of the physical form of everything which we can access through our smartphones, we would be millionaires.


Anybody who has access to the Internet can consume content, which was completely unthinkable in the past. Everyone can create and share with the rest of the world – from messages and recipes to electricity from solar panels.


The biggest innovations may seem crazy at first. Because of this, they are, for some time, in a so-called deceptive mode. Until they reveal their true disruptive power.


Digital innovations cause disruption in almost every profession. Robotization, artificial intelligence, self-driving cars, and smart phones are creating a whole new world.

Our team

Dita Přikrylová

expertka, founder of Czechitas

Božena Řežábová

expertka, CEO & Co-founder at GAMEE

Josef Havelka

Marketing Manager

Jan Vraný

Chief Commercial Officer at Notino

Lukáš Vynikal

Founding member - Wissenberk Group

Tomáš Pojar

Vice President for International Relations at Cevro Institute

Tomáš Pluhařík

Humainn Captain, IOT, Cyber, IT, Innovation

Michael Kralert

Strategist, Finance & Operation Manager

Libor Pospíšil

Ethnographer & Consultant

Martin Kysilka Manager